•       Help boost morale by serving as a sort of CEO – Chief Encouragement Officer. This necessitates being consistently visible in both departments.

  •       Provide opportunities to equip officers and their families with emotional survival practices to help with peace of mind, family life, and job retention.

  •       Provide hospital visitation, marital counseling, etc., follow-up with those who have experienced loss, provide first-level support to help prevent outside matters from festering and coming into the workplace.

  •       Serve with VALEAP (Virginia Law Enforcement Assistance Program –, assisting with PCIS (Post Critical Incident Seminars) and Peer Support debriefs.

  •       Compile a list of qualified professionals in a variety of fields to whom I can refer officers and/or their family members in matters beyond my capacity to help.

  •       Organize and train a limited number of volunteer chaplains to be on-call to assist with traumatic events with the public, as needed.

  •       Be a liaison to faith communities throughout the valley on behalf of our local police departments.

  •      Raise extra funds that will allow shield to bless officers by purchasing needed equipment and supplies they would otherwise have to pay for out of their own pockets.